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Renew your restaurant or cafe

The food industry and beverage reinvents itself every day to continue offering opportunities for people seeking navigate the business world.While it is a highly competitive sector, it is also true that there isalways a place reserved for those who bet on a novel concept to conquer even the most discerning palate.

So open a restaurant, café, tavern or position is one of the most recurrent self – employment practices in our country. For example, someone who lost his job in the food sees an alternative to generate income. According to the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry (Canirac) in the last five years annual growth of 8.3%, ie, about 20,000 establishments is observed.
Currently, the agency has registered 345,000 units of food and 96% of them do not exceed five employees. On the other hand, there are anestimated 700,000 positions operating in informality.

The problem is that just as open places also closed. In Mexico, in 10 restaurants were opened eight closed in over five years. “Most believe that these businesses are simple, with a good recipe or just a novel idea. This is wrong , “says Braulio Cardenas, president of the Canirac.

And in 2009 the figures soared. The economic crisis, coupled with the anti – smoking law , which applies to some states , the Federal District, were the litmus test for many restaurants: last year sales decreased by 11.7% on average nationwide.
While the health emergency caused by the influenza virus A H1N1 worsened the already critical situation. Only in May 2009, sales fell 60% and an estimated 6,000 closed establishments in the Republic.

Who survived? In a postmortem analysis, Cardenas concludes that certain characteristics contributed to the survival of business. For example, have a professional management system: keep inventory control , costs, expenses and income as well as having a sales strategy.In addition, owners own local took advantage -for the fact not having to pay profit- and those who had no debt at the time of crisis.

Although these factors are not enough against a glut of supply, which causes not only less income, but the contraction of profit margins restaurants. In response, apart from the competition and innovate it led some brands to consider the challenge both survive the crisis and even grow.

For Jose Carlos Gutierrez, marketing specialist restaurants Higher Education Center San Angelo (Cessa) -dedicated to hospitalidadad- industry, there are two factors that characterize a successful business: its unique selling proposition, ie , have a different offer, and opportunity; in other words, “being in the right place at the right time.”

There is no single recipe for success, but many ways to reach as permitted creativity. Here are some suggestions arising from actual cases.

Reinvent yourself in the hands of a partner

After the resulting health risk of influenza virus that hit rock bottom last year, Outburst and could not recover. First, sales of Italian restaurant, located in the Colonia del Valle in Mexico City, were down 38%. The direction waited to overcome the effects of the crisis, recovering 20%; but it was not there.

“When you get to these levels, you must make decisions soon to avoid losing your heritage , ” says Mireya Ruiz, director of the then called Outburst. When looking for alternatives, she thought to change the rotation of the restaurant. However, it is given the opportunity to partner with La Posta de Coyoacan elsewhere specializes in Italian cuisine.

The owners of both restaurants decided to join forces: they used the name of the partner, who had a greater market penetration and commercial location Outburst: Patricio Saenz and Concepción Béistegui. In addition, it had to not lay off employees, was retained to customers and new fans joined.

In March, the business reopened under the name of La Posta del Valle.Customers continue to visit him Outburst, the restaurant in Coyoacan and new diners. “The first month sales were double the same period last year , ” says the entrepreneur. The secret was to find the right partner, she adds.

Adds value to your offer

Complete with an average ticket of $ 600 per person consumption amid the economic crisis, Artichoke Heart , with seven years of operation in Guadalajara, Jalisco opened two branches in the Federal District. While down repetition and order premium products at this stage, “raised the number of new customers , ” said Carlos Anaya, who serves as director of operations of the chain.

Your Hit justify every penny they pay their people. “They make the perceived value is greater than the value of the plate. And people agree to pay , “says Jose Carlos Gutierrez marketer.

Artichoke heart is not an expensive restaurant and longer. Ensures dishes made with products of the day: no food is not frozen, the fish is fresh and the meat is kept under a process of aging. ” In addition, the chef goes to the market every day to choose the best ingredients , ” says Anaya. Therefore, the restaurant does not have a preset letter, but with a blackboard where special dishes for each day are written.

80% of the vegetables consumed are produced in the state of Guadalajara in own greenhouses, using organic principles. While in the capital, equipment and looking for a location to replicate this practice.

The restaurant also offers products from their place of origin. For example, in Spain, Jabugo ham, manchego olive oil and pecorino; Italy, Parmesan cheese. As for drinks, the menu includes spirits, rums and tequilas.

Each branch has a maximum capacity of 100 people. “So we can give a personalized service. I know the names of my customers, what they like and what they take , “concludes Anaya.

Let your customers set the price

In September and October 2009, Morgana Coffee, based in the Pearl of the West decided to risk: he allowed his customers to pay what they wanted. This promotion was a way to react to a decline of 50% recorded sales because of the economic crisis.

“We wanted to draw attention, relying on the loyalty of the people and in our quality and service , ” explains Eduardo Castañeda, general manager and owner of the place. This idea took hold of European newspapers that talked about cases of Spanish and French restaurants that had already been carried out this strategy.

For things not to leave their control, limited promotion to lunchtime because it is when competing with neighboring boardinghouses composed by office workers in the area clientele. He also designed a specific menu included a salad, panini, drink and dessert, that the letter would have cost $ 90.

Usually, people “was just” because paid up to $ 120 and only two cases diners gave something unreal: $ 10 or $ 15. In the end, the balance was positive: a gain of 20% was obtained and attendance rose 40 percent.

The entrepreneur recommends using this tactic for a certain time and keep a close control of the box. Above all, the important thing is to talk to employees to join the effort to give a good service , since it will depend on the customer appreciates the added value and work hard on the price proposed by the customer.

Satisfy different audiences

One of the basic principles of marketing is to seek specialization. “The theory is that you focus , ” says Gutierrez, the Cessa. And if specialize is synonymous to find a concept that multiply your target market, then success is guaranteed.

El Eight restaurant, located in the Condesa, in Mexico City, he succeeded. This thanks to found an idea that distinguished him from the vast competition around them: be a play area for children and adults.

Thus, in the mornings come men and professional women and housewives; at lunchtime, office area; afternoon, children accompanied by their parents and at night people 20 to 50 years old;while the weekends are rather familiar. And the best part is that every public can enjoy spaces and services designed to meet their needs menus.

The concept began with sandwiches and coffee, as well as table games as an entertainment option and coffee machine rentals for office singapore. Over time the request of its customers, the letter was extended to 300 dishes to please different tastes: from pizza and burgers to meat and fish.

Other services have also been added: a business center, consisting of a table with 10 places for people who want to work and connect to theInternet; reading area; terrace for smokers; interactive table and playground for children. To all this have access diners, who make an average of $ 130 individual consumption.

Opting for the volume without sacrificing quality

Think of a French restaurant refers to long tablecloths, high prices, waiters dressed penguin and classical background music. But Harlequin breaks this stereotype. -of Owners are not pretentious gallons origin and sacrifice all the luxury to offer affordable French cuisine. “We wanted to do something more bistro, a kind of inn with homemade food in France , ” explains Dominique Dumond, one of the founders.

A point where they have emphasized is control of costs. The main investment you make is income paid by local 60m2 occupying the restaurant, located in the Colonia Cuauhtemoc (a block from Paseo de la Reforma) in Mexico City. This area is known for hosting and corporate offices, as well as being housing. Hence the customer is assured throughout the year.

On the other hand, their inputs are national but the seasoning and recipes are French. Moreover, they are prepared by a chef from the same source. His dishes are traditional: onion soup, terrine, snail, nicoise salad, querelles, salmon, pies, medallions with pepper, braised beef, etc.

While sacrificing some use for a traditional French restaurant, bet on a greater volume of consumption, as it has a base of repeat customers who, in turn, recommend the place among his acquaintances. And this is reflected in the figures: in 2009 alone sales grew 20% compared to the previous year.

Renew yourself without losing the essence

After that for 45 years the Villamelon occupied the corner of Alberto Balderas and Atlanta, opposite the Plaza de Toros Mexico, its owners decided to move. Almost half a century ago, an amateur bullfighting started this business which is characterized by its small letter contained a single type of taco: folksy, which carries sausage, pork and beef jerky, with his typical red sauce.

The place opened only from Thursday to Sunday was almost always burst; only he had a bar and behind it the Cue. Customers ate standing, sitting on the sidewalk or in the coffers of their cars. Until the opportunity arose to move to a nearby location where space is four times higher.

The new home, a few blocks from above, also gave a more modern look to the traditional Villamelon and attracted new clientele. “Being on the shaft, opposite the Plaza de Toros, people see us , ” says Erika Miranda, one of the owners of the place.

The local two – story bar and parking, plus tables on the first floor.However, there is still the option of eating standing on the ground floor and still need to buy tickets before ordering food. A la carte quesadillas and charro beans were added. And now open every day of the week.

Already entered in changes, the three brothers of the Miranda family -who run the business together with his mother decided to franchise the model as a way to grow other parts of the city. But the hearty sauce tacos and will remain the main attraction.