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Cleaning restaurants: legal requirements

What are the conditions of hygiene and cleanliness expected of a restaurant?

Whether you’re a restaurant owner and want to refresh your knowledge, as if you are a customer and often visits dining establishments, you will find it interesting to know the basics of mandatory rules on hygiene and cleanliness to restaurants that applies in Catalonia.


Local conditions
Local food preparation areas must meet the requirements and characteristics stated in the law: Regulation (EC) núm.852 / 2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the hygiene of foodstuffs, annex II.
The materials of floors, ceilings and walls must bewaterproof, absorbent, easy to clean and disinfect, and nontoxic.
If there is a good natural ventilation, you must install an effective system of air renewal. The pullers are a good solution.
Openable windows or openings for ventilation in the kitchen and the store must have mosquito nets to prevent insects from entering. The entry and stay of pets where he prepares and serves food is prohibited.
In pest control, the person responsible for the establishment contract or develop and implement a program for insect and rodent control based on the hazard analysis. It is applied in accordance with current legislation.
The premises must be provided with potable hot and cold running water.
Toilet facilities (toilet, sink, etc.) must be isolated from the kitchen and dining room, and must have sufficient ventilation. The aspect of this area is a reliable indicator of the health of theentire premises. The toilets handlers should be different from those authorized for customers.
The store should have the right to proper food storage conditions. In addition to the warehouse, you will provide a refrigeration system capable of containing the usual volume of food consumption.

Work items. General cleaning
surfaces tables or any other element in contact with food must be unalterable, smooth, polished and non – porous materials, to avoid the deposition and accumulation of food particles, bacteria or insects. These features also facilitate cleaning.

We recommend using preferably stainless steel materials. The copper or wood presents significant problems.

Must decommission plates, trays, cups and glasses cracked or chipped, because they can have a double risk: retain dirt and cause injury. If an appliance falls to the ground, it will never be used without washing it.

The machinery must be easy to clean and disassemble. It is important to pay special attention to cleaning the mixers and meat choppers.

Standards for cleaning
technique for cleaning kitchens and utensils is based on two principles:
a) application of physical means to drag dirt
b) disinfection

Table utensils shall be sanitized with a dishwashing machine reaches a temperature above 80 ° C.

Floor cleaning surfaces, utensils and equipment should be done daily and thoroughly.

Personal hygiene
is essential that all manipulator maintain strict personal hygiene to prevent microorganisms from which it may be carrying contaminate food.
All personnel should use clean clothes and exclusive use.
The hand hygiene is the most important, because they are the body parts that are in direct contact with food. Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap, hot water and nail brush, rinse and dry them well (paper towels for single use are the most recommended drying system). Hands should be washed without fail under the following circumstances:
When starting work and every time an interrupt occurs.
After handling raw foods and before handling cooked foods.
After using a handkerchief to cough, sneeze or blow.
After using the toilet.
If an injury occurs in the hands, after cure, it will be protected with a waterproof dressing that will always remain clean.
When the manipulator with diarrhea, sore throat, fever, colds, wounds, skin infections mucous or jaundice, it shall immediately to the address of the establishment to be decided by medical advice, if you have to suspend your regular job until he recovers, advise requesting treatment or change to a job that does not involve food handling.
In premises where food is handled not be smoked, shall be eaten or gum mask. These actions increase salivation and hand movements, and facilitate the possibility of transferring microorganisms from the mouth to the food.

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