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  We call them Boat Days!
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Attracting Customers … with the power of email

One of the best ways to attract customers to your restaurant automatically and inexpensively, and sometimes at 0 cost, is to use e-mail.

To send promotions and maintain regular contact with your list of customers and prospects.

This is clear and growing strength taken.
It is not new that strategies such as radio, television, even the yellow pages, are ceasing to be profitable by the high cost they represent, if you compare it with the benefit obtained by using these means.
And as I’ve said, you’re in front of a restaurant to make money, not to spend it without obtaining a satisfactory return.
You can even make strategies with zero economic profit in the first instance, but with subsequent benefits over time, throughout the lifetime of your customer in your restaurant at least average should be two years.
So today, I want to talk to 2 simple options you can use to communicate frequently with your prospects or customers, using the power of email and by scrub:

1. Free Option

If you think you have $ monthly $ 19, to use a professional email service, still, you can opt for the free option, which although more laborious, will leave that little free budget for any other marketing strategy.

So, to use the free option, this is what you do:

First you must be sure to have a database of prospects and customers, in which you will have stored the most important data, such as:

Saucer Favorite (or more frequent consumption)

There are 5 data, which at least should get your prospects and customers. However, if you think you have enough confidence with them, you can also ask for their phone to track your email communications.

How to apply the data?

Apply your customers filling a simple survey of service, in which, as an incentive offer your best dessert on your next visit before 7 days only in exchange for fill all your data.

You can tell, you are creating a VIP Customer Club and is a pleasure to invite you to belong to this club.

People are always willing to belong to a club, so you can take advantage of this to create a community of loyal customers who will have preferential treatment, that will be the spokesmen for the great experience that exists in your restaurant.

Have you noticed how they treat artists when visiting anywhere?

Excellent treat, because his opinion has great impact on society, so you have to do the same with your best customers, that will bring to you great customers like them.

Well, back to the subject of the email, you must save the data in a spreadsheet to quickly find the data of your customers and send them promotions according to your tastes (you remember that Note your favorite dish in the survey) and professions.

You can create a special offer for doctors, or architects, or ….

Well, you know what I mean.

Now you just have to use your regular e-mail provider, in this case, as we speak of free providers, my best recommendation is that you use, it is the best and ensuring proper delivery of your emails.

When you submit your offer, remember to place the emails from others in the Carbon Copy part, if you have questions about this, you can go to any computer to support you.

What makes Carbon Copy is hide the emails of all persons to whom they sent the mail, so you’ll be protecting the identity of your customers, without revealing information about their e-mail addresses, to prevent them from doing wrong using this.

Your customers already trusted you, and it is important not to make a mistake of this kind not to disappoint your trust.

2. Professional Service

This is the most recommended option. It will take a lot of work off, because you can automate much of the process and send your email to any number of prospects, with minimal costs.

There are 2 services that have proven their quality and overall effectiveness in handling email:

Personally, I use Aweber to send my newsletter and all my email communications, it is quite simple to use although it is in English, but their service is very intuitive.

Now a friend of mine recorded a video tutorial on using this tool, and I’m to convince him to authorize me to publish it on my blog.

However, this will depend on the interest that wakes up this issue, as the number of comments received this post.

Now if you prefer a person you support this work, and you just indicate what you want to communicate, you can use a Virtual Assistant or Expert in Local Marketing.

They are specialists in handling this tool and I personally use their services to devote to other tasks that generate more value in my business.

If you visit can give preferential treatment if you indicating that you have been recommended by me.

Another thing you should know is that the cost of this service (the is as low as $ 19 dollars a month for up to 500 people in your database and goes up gradually, according to the number of people have.

Believe me, if you manage 500 people are in frequent contact with your restaurant, you will laugh out loud to pay those $ 19 dollars a month.

Most successful restaurants live comfortably with this amount of frequent customers.

Can you imagine what you do with 1,000, 1,500 or 2,500 people?

Well, there’s the power of email. Try it and tell me your results, nothing pleases me more than to receive success stories