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Breakfast and lunch restaurant,Davis Island Tampa,restaurant tampa,restaurant tampa bay,breakfast restaurant tampa,restaurant davis island tampa fl,restaurant tampa florida,restaurant tampa fl,pink flamingo,pink flamingo cafe,pink flamingo cafe davis island East Davis Blvd.
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Breakfast and lunch RESTAURANT, southern Italy style, Davis Island Tampa

restaurant tampa, restaurant tampa bay, breakfast restaurant tampa, restaurant davis island tampa fl, restaurant tampa florida, restaurant tampa fl,pink flamingo, pink flamingo cafe, pink flamingo cafe davis island

restaurant tampa, restaurant tampa bay, breakfast restaurant tampa, restaurant davis island tampa fl, restaurant tampa florida, restaurant tampa fl,pink flamingo, pink flamingo cafe, pink flamingo cafe davis island

Latest News

Tips for asking for something in English in a bar or restaurant

Tips for ordering in a restaurant as a native English

Have you ever tried that when ordered in English at a restaurant you’ve been nervous?

Or have you doubted your vocabulary ?

Or even worse you forgot you had to say and the waiter / a has been watching you while probably wondering, did you decide or not?

If you’ve been through one of these moments or the like, this is your post como aprender ingles rapido e sozinho. We will focus on making you feel comfortable while you order at a restaurant , cafe, bar or wherever necessary because asking is something that should not be a moment of linguistic panic but a situation in which we manipulated like a fish in water ( Like a fish in water ).

For our part we must say that we have good news, there are many ways that can help you the time to ask more enjoyable.

1. Start saluting

Admittedly, often not only depends on the mood of the waiter to make that time a good time, there are days that we ourselves do not realize and are somewhat “cold” with the restaurant staff, well do not forget to be friendly with them as this will determine quite possibly your experience in place and tip.

By this we mean that if we got to the counter to order a coffee, not only just a “coffee please”, if not the best option would be to get a “Hello, Can I get / have a coffee, please?”  Generally , the employee will greet you before you do.

It is interesting to emphasize that US restaurant workers generally are paid with tips from customers so they usually tend to be very friendly, try to repay this kindness.


2. Question: Can I get something?

Keep in mind you have to ask, do not send ( questions INSTEAD OF Demands ). Never say I want – “ . The best option would be to ask:

In this way we sound more educated and we walk to if you do not have what we would like you can change more naturally. If this is the case, you can always say Alright, then a Pepsi can I have, please?” Well, then I can take a Pepsi?

The answer will be something like: Yes, you can. Anything else? “

If you can. Anything else?

3. Is it to go?

First we will differentiate the terms to “take out” and “to go” .

To go normally used for both food and beverage while the expression “take out” is generally used only for food. They also add that “to go” is used more in UK.

Now an example:

4. You have to be prepared for possible extra questions

For example if you want to order a coffee, you have to specify what kind of want coffee, ice coffee(iced coffee) or if you want it with soy milk, With soy milk, please.

Also, it is very common to specify as you like eggs , so you can ask if you want eggs:

Also, if you want the meat overcooked ( well done ),  rather crude ( rare ) or point ( medium rare ).

At first it may be complicated, or is normal that you get really nervous when the waiter asks you something and you have not understood correctly. In this case, do not hesitate to ask you to repeat the question, just so you can learn and as a last council say that there shame to lose, so just get better.

You know what to choose in a restaurant when you’re dieting?

Make diet is not so easy, but the neighbor or your friend tell you that they have achieved with “willpower”. And, when you follow a weight loss program not only care about what you eat , but also social and personal circumstances around us, our mood or the time available. Not the same control what we eat when we are at home and we can prepare a healthy meal quietly, that when we work out all day, we only have an hour for lunch and corner bar offers egg menu fried with potatoes and bean stew Asturian.

However, even if you think that the stars have aligned against you, do not get excuses and follow our tips to keep your diet at any restaurant or tapas bar. The following link shows you the healthiest in every type of restaurant options .


We sometimes have misconceptions about what is healthy and what is calorie and banish the idea of going to one place or another by the kind of food. Are you thinking of that sushi is healthy and pasta fattening ? Well , not entirely true. The first thing to be clear is thatthere is no good or bad foods , depends on the proportions, combinations and how to cook them .

The best choice: simple dishes that can distinguish each ingredient, with vegetables, salads, fish and grilled meats without sauces or fried or breaded. Also consider not add calories with the bread, drink or dessert ; best fruit and water . Here are some ideas on what dishes to choose in a Japanese, Mexican or Spanish Restaurant.

What to eat in a Japanese restaurant

Speaking of sushi , you know that preparation for sugar is used? The main ingredient is rich starch, white rice which is added sugar and vinegar and, in the case of the pieces California roll, other ingredients such as avocado or even mayonnaise. On the contrary if we choose an integral Italian restaurant pasta with tomato, oregano and cheese Parmesan , it sounds much lighter, right?

Three recommendations for ordering in a Japanese restaurant: miso soup, wakame salad and sashimi.


What to eat at a Mexican restaurant

Mexican food is quite caloric, but as we have been saying, you can always find healthier options. Avoid cheeses, sauces and nachos.

The best choices at a Mexican restaurant: Guacamole with crudités, nachos with chicken or vegetables and tortilla soup.


What to eat in a Spanish restaurant

Although the Spanish cuisine boasts one of the yoga burn diets healthier and recommended, the Mediterranean diet , it is true that the traditional cuisine, championed by most bars and restaurants, is rich in stews, casseroles, meats, fried foods, potatoes and bread, ie otherwise low in fat. However, for the abundance of garden produce, fish and seafood also have lighter options.

Recommendations in a Spanish restaurant: Andalusian gazpacho, melon with ham or Galician octopus.

Do not give up any plan or event by the type of food, adapt to the circumstances and always chooses the greenest dishes! Here we leave a list with the least calorie ingredients so that you have in mind when choosing your menu.

Discover: 50 foods that have less than 50 calories


We bring you the top 10 movies you should not miss if you are a follower of the most innovative dishes and the most successful in our country cuisine ‘program MasterChef ‘. Different stories, sure to bring the best tips when cooking and handling different situations in the kitchen.

Prepare a weekend to view the best recommendations you have from movie4k  and remember that you can learn much more in ‘Masterchef’ Monday through Friday from 8:00 pm

Then look at the list of the most successful films in the world of cooking. A list especially for people who are studying culinary or like the theme of preparing different recipes.


A film about Remy, a rat with a developed sense of smell, when he discovers a book the greatest chef in Paris. Remy falls for the culinary world, and dreams of becoming a great French chef despite opposition from his family, his father and his brother Emile.


The chef Carl Casper suddenly quits his job at a famous restaurant in Los Angeles, confronted the owner. For things of life it is in Miami and is associated with his ex-wife, his friend and his son to ride a Cuban mobile food stall.

A great night

It tells the story of two brothers Abruzzo Italian immigrants who run a restaurant called “Paradise”. One of the brothers is a bright, perfectionist chef who annoys the expectations of customers of an Italian kitchen “Americanized”. His uncle’s offer to return to Rome to help in your restaurant is becoming more and more attractive.The other brother is the manager of the restaurant, and is in love with the possibilities presented a new life in America.

Julie and Julia

Julie Powell is determined to do something creative to forget their routine work, it is presented as a challenge develop the 524 recipes in the book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” a classic of gastronomy published in 1961 by Julia Child.During that year, he writes every day his experiences in a blog that will have multiple stories.

Hamburger rain

Flint is a young scientist who dreams of inventing something that will improve the lives of all its neighbors. After many attempts manages to create something that really works: a machine that makes food fall from the sky.

A journey of ten meters

Hassan Kadam is a naive professional kitchen with an unbeatable taste. The Kadam family, far from his native India and led by Pope, are set in the small town of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val in the south of France. Charming, as quaint as elegant, it is the ideal place to establish your home and open an Indian restaurant, the Maison Mumbai. But not everything was perfect for the cook, as the owner of Le Saul Pleureur makes life impossible.


A Lansquenet, a very traditional French town, where nothing has changed in the last hundred years, the North Wind carries two strangers: Vianne Rocher and her daughter Anouk. Vianne opens a chocolate shop full of sweets can awaken the hidden desires of the villagers.

Bon Appetit

This is a story of friends who dare to cross that thin line between love and friendship that changes your life forever. Daniel is Spanish chef, just got his dream: a place in the prestigious restaurant in Zurich Thomas Wackerle. His extraordinary talent as a chef will serve to advance the demanding kitchen Wackerle, but can not get his relationship with Hanna, attractive restaurant sommelier.

Haute Cuisine
Hortense Laborie, a loving woman of traditional French cuisine is selected to handle private meals at the Elysee Palace and see how life comes full circle.Jealousy and envy of many members of the kitchen staff makes your job a difficult experience that will have to overcome the challenges and pitfalls that tend colleagues.

the chef, the recipe of happiness

The young Jacky Bonnot dreams of success at a great restaurant, but their precarious economic situation forces him to accept jobs as a cook who can not even keep. One day he crosses paths Alexandre Lagarde, a famous chef, whose rich position is threatened by the owner of its restaurants financial group.

Safety rules the kitchen of a restaurant

In a typical restaurant kitchen, a lot of dirt, grease and food debris can accumulate in a single night. Combine that with the large number of members of the kitchen staff running around with knives, hot pans and dirty dishes, the average restaurant kitchen can quickly become several food safety problems and causes of personal injury. A simple safety rules for a restaurant kitchen can prevent most of these problems.

Food safety rules

All refrigerated spaces should maintain a temperature of 40 ° F (4.4 ° C) to prevent food spoilage.

Cross-contamination should be avoided by using different knives, cutting boards, etc., to prepare raw foods, cooked meats and raw vegetables.

Customers should be informed that the consumption of eggs, chicken, meat, raw or undercooked etc., can lead to foodborne illness.

All food contact surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected every night.

Fire prevention standards

Fire extinguishers should be located near stoves.

All employees should know the best ways to deal with different types of fires, including grease fires.

The pressure relief valves must be installed in pressure cookers and other cooking equipment high pressure or temperature heating systems.

Rags or dish towels should not be left near stoves or cooking hobs running.

The cooker hoods should be cleaned every night to prevent accumulation of flammable fat.

Never use a cooking appliance that is malfunctioning or has a frayed power cord.

Clothing and appropriate equipment

Long hair should be tied back and dangling jewelry should not be used by kitchen staff.

The kitchen staff must wear closed shoes with non-slip soles.

Long sleeve shirts are preferable to reduce the risk of burns on his forearms.

OSHA regulations

Workers under 18 may not operate heavy machinery such as trash compactors, cold meat slicers, etc.

Data sheets Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS for its acronym in English) must be present on site for all chemicals, cleaning products, etc., used in the restaurant.

Cleaning chemicals Always mix in well-ventilated areas.

All surfaces and equipment cleaned with chemicals, should be rinsed with water. More details can be read here, please visit Slag remover.

Cleaning kitchens of restaurants

Cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen of a restaurant is vital for the proper functioning of the establishment. First, it is a public health issue and a crucial image and restaurant quality factor. In addition, the cleaning kitchens in restaurants is critical to the safety of workers and customers.

The first point to note in the kitchen of a restaurant is prevention; if we want to prevent accidents best will always comply with the rules of occupational risk prevention in the field of hospitality and catering.

As for cleaning concrete, we think is a complex job, be sure to degrease and disinfect all surfaces and utensils , as well as being especially careful in those specific areas where food is handled. If we want the kitchen of our restaurant is in a perfect state we must perform a daily cleaning , having certain processes such as cleaning hoodsto be made periodically; therefore, the best option is to have the work of professionals specialized in cleaning kitchens .

Full service cleaning kitchens

A comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of kitchens must always consist of the following works:

Cleaning hygiene in kitchens

cleaning kitchens of restaurants

If you have any questions about cleaning the kitchen of your restaurant, you can contact ; we offer advice and free quotes at a very competitive price .