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Breakfast and lunch restaurant,Davis Island Tampa,restaurant tampa,restaurant tampa bay,breakfast restaurant tampa,restaurant davis island tampa fl,restaurant tampa florida,restaurant tampa fl,pink flamingo,pink flamingo cafe,pink flamingo cafe davis island East Davis Blvd.
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Breakfast and lunch RESTAURANT, southern Italy style, Davis Island Tampa

restaurant tampa, restaurant tampa bay, breakfast restaurant tampa, restaurant davis island tampa fl, restaurant tampa florida, restaurant tampa fl,pink flamingo, pink flamingo cafe, pink flamingo cafe davis island

restaurant tampa, restaurant tampa bay, breakfast restaurant tampa, restaurant davis island tampa fl, restaurant tampa florida, restaurant tampa fl,pink flamingo, pink flamingo cafe, pink flamingo cafe davis island

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Many people consider your wedding day to be the happiest day of their lives, like a day full of tenderness and emotion in which you join your life to someone else’s. The day from which you walk through the life of someone’s hand. A professional wedding photographer will know how to keep the memory alive.


Celebrate how you celebrate your wedding , you will want to remember it all your life. You will want to be able to relive those moments again and again. For that, a good photographic report is essential  in which the wedding photographer captures all the moments of the day, from the most romantic to the most outlandish. From the previous preparations in the houses of the couple to the congas after the banquet.

photographic report is essential to remember as special as possible that special day. And it is not enough with any report, but it is necessary to leave it in the hands of professionals who are in charge of capturing all the moments in the best possible way. This will not remove that some family and friends are taking pictures everywhere, but it will ensure us to have quality photos of this special day.

The photographic report  made by the wedding photographer can also bring funny situations years later. For example, the future children of that marriage see their parents’ wedding album and laugh at the clothes of the time and also be surprised by how young everyone is.

The wedding album is a memory that the couple usually keeps with great affection and, sometimes, when many years pass, you usually look to see how the years have passed since that special day that was the day of your wedding.


The Marriage traditionally is the sacrament by which indissolubly unite a man and a woman in order to procreate and perpetuate the human species. This meaning of marriage has evolved over the years, although not for the Christian faith, for other people and for its meaning for practical purposes.

Apart from existing rites to unite couples in marriage in each religion, there is also the option to do so by civil means.

The day of the wedding is a very emotional day, not only for the people who are going to join in marriage, but also for their family and friends, especially for their relatives. It is not strange to see the relatives of the couple crying with emotion at the wedding.

Formerly, people married very young, at 20 it was a totally normal age to get married , little by little this age has been falling behind. Today, the average age for marriage in Spain is over 30 years.

When it comes to the time of year when weddings are celebrated there are many options. Many couples prefer to marry in the spring and summer , to take advantage of good weather, but of course throughout the year weddings are held .

Regardless of the time of year in which the wedding is celebrated , it is necessary to choose whether it is celebrated by day or by night. For this theme each couple chooses an option. There are some who prefer to do it for the day, to take advantage of all the sunlight and lengthen the celebration until night, while there are others who prefer to hold it in the afternoon, to take advantage of the night and even extend the party until it is daytime .

In any case, regardless of the time of year when the wedding is celebrated and if it is day and night, for the wedding photographer it is indifferent. If you are a professional wedding photographer, you will know how to take advantage of the sunlight, the glamor and glamor of the night … so that the wedding photo album exceeds the expectations of the couple.


The marriage is not only a sacrament of the Catholic faith, or a rite of various religions , it can also be done through a ceremony civilly , for example going to the town hall to join in marriage or to register as domestic partners .

The marriage civilly also allows marry same – sex couples , and more and more countries around the world who are accepting these unions and allowing its citizens to marry regardless of sexual orientation.

It is celebrated in a Church or it is celebrated in a City council, always there is usually a later celebration , with a lunch or dinner in a restaurant or hall of celebrations .

The magnitude of the event depends on the couple . There are some who celebrate weddings with hundreds of guests , bringing together all possible friends and family, while others prefer a more intimate celebration and reduce the number of guests as much as possible. There are even couples who get married and for the event only the witnesses go, elevating the intimate celebration to its maximum power.

After all, it only takes two people to get married, although normally these people want to share the happiness of that special day with their friends and family.

Undoubtedly, a very tender moment of marriage ceremonies is when a small child is in charge of bringing marriage alliances to the altar, or to the place where the bride and groom are located in the case of civil weddings . The child parades between the guests until they reach the place where the couple are , while the guests observe it carefully and fill with tenderness.

During the ceremony, whether civil or religious, the wedding photographer will take emotional snapshots of the key moments. Photographs of detail, panoramic … the idea is that the photographer manages to capture what the couple, family and friends feel. Later, during the celebration in the restaurant, the photographer for weddings will hold a session in a more relaxed atmosphere. Although it also has more emotional moments such as the cutting of the wedding cake or the beginning of the dance, it is normal for the photographs to focus on moments like kisses between the bride and groom, on the guests … giving the opportunity for all to be present at the wedding. wedding photo albumthat will surely be displayed with affection later on. Depending on the style of the couple, the wedding photographer will adapt to him taking photos for original weddings , classic wedding photos … for this, as in everything, there are as many solutions as tastes.


The celebration after the wedding is a crucial part of the preparations for this. Many couples usually enjoy this aspect, since they have to choose the restaurant in which to celebrate the wedding banquet .

In many occasions, to choose the restaurant or the hall of celebrations, it is necessary that the bride and groom go to the place to eat or dine to taste the food; this is a small break when it comes to organizing the entire wedding , although afterwards they have to make the choice of the restaurant and return to the worries of all the preparations.


There are other points in which a wedding photographer pays attention, details that do not escape him. For many people, organizing their wedding day is something precious, which makes them very excited. But this is not the case for everyone, there are many people for whom the fact of having to organize their wedding day is a headache, since everyone wants absolutely everything to go well on that special day .

Many times it is the lack of time that makes couples who can not organize their weddings well . For these reasons has been created in recent years the figure of the “wedding planner” , a person who is responsible for the full organization of the wedding day , attending to the last details of the wedding day and offering comprehensive management of the celebration.

Traditionally, alliances have been used to symbolize union in marriage. The custom is for each member of the couple to wear a ring that symbolizes their union and love . Over the years, more and more couples that instead of opting for traditional rings prefer other more original symbols to represent their union. More and more couples are choosing to get tattoos that represent their union . There are some that are tattooed rings and there are others who choose to tattoo other more personal symbols that also represent their love and complicity.


wedding is a very emotional day for people who come together in marriage and for their family and friends, but it also means a very fun day for all attendees.

On this day, almost anything can happen, from which the wedding photographer will be attentive so that it is reflected in the future photo album of the wedding . Since the couple meets with guests they do not even know (since parents usually invite distant friends), until the friends of the couple spend the time that the couple is in the church or in the town hall at the bar starting the celebration with some beers.

A classic on this day is for the bride to arrive late to church or to the town hall, although sometimes it is the boyfriend who arrives late, since the preparations in the houses of the bride and groom start very early. Everyone gets up early to get ready and the houses are filled with people , it is often inevitable that the time will get out of hand.

Another classic at weddings is that during the banquet the bride and groom can not enjoy the quiet meal, as everyone comes to congratulate them in person and every five minutes someone shouts ” Let the bride and groom kiss! ” What do you all remember that photo of the wedding of friends or family?

As the banquet progresses, the situation tends to go berserk , reaching points where people end up dancing “Paquito the chocolatier” with his tie on his head or giving very emotional speeches with an occasional glass of more in the body. The most fun photos of the wedding are usually done in this part.

Throughout the celebration it is also quite typical that the friends of the groom cut his tie , it is a moment that always remains immortalized with numerous photos .

The day of the wedding is a very important day, so the couple must face it well rested and full of energy. But that is something difficult, since the nerves last night tend to play tricks, making it very difficult for the couple to get enough sleep for the intense day that awaits them.


The weddings are weddings worldwide, but depending on each place there are a number of traditions to celebrate the union in marriage of couples .

There are some well-known customs that we are already used to, such as the bride throwing the bouquet to single women(tradition says that the one who manages to catch it will be the future “marriageable”), or to go in an old car or limousine to the church or the town hall. But there are many other customs from other parts of the world that are not as well known and that are, at least, curious.

For example, in some areas of India it is customary to perform a game of “stealing the bride’s shoes”. In the game the bride takes off her shoes and the groom’s family must take care to protect them from the bride’s family stealing them. If the robbery takes place, the groom has to pay a small ransom to the bride’s family to get the shoes.

Another rather curious custom at weddings takes place in Egypt , where the women attending the celebration are engaged in pinching the bride on the day of the wedding . In this way the tradition says that the bride is lucky for her marriage.

Another much better known custom is for example the one that takes place in the United States , and also in many other places in the world, that the bride brings her wedding day something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue like amulets for a happy marriage.

The new thing symbolizes the new life in common of the couple, the old thing symbolizes that the couple is not going away from their family and friends, the thing borrowed (that must be from someone who is happy in their marriage) augurs happiness to the new marriage and the blue thing (coming from an ancient tradition of Israel) symbolizes fidelity and lasting love within the new marriage.

A custom that crosses borders at weddings is throwing the bouquet . The tradition says that the single women of the celebration should be placed on the back of the bride and that the one who takes the bouquet will be the next to get married. This moment usually causes very varied situations, since the bouquet falls on someone’s head until people end up falling to the ground for trying to catch it (flee from it as has happened on some occasions).

Another classic when it comes to weddings is getting married in Las Vegas . There are those who marry there in an improvised manner and there are those who plan it and even travel from another continent to get married there. Getting married in Las Vegas has become a fun way to get married, since it can be done in disguise of whatever you want and even your ceremony can be officiated by someone disguised as Elvis Presley .

From our photo studio we wish you a great day if you are going to celebrate your wedding . Of course, if you are interested in contacting a wedding photographer you can do it here . In addition we leave you a selection of wedding photographs that we have made throughout our professional career.

The fashion for the actors to put a restaurant or a cocktail bar

The life of an actor is like a roller coaster. You do a job that puts you in first position, they make you famous and recognized, you earn a lot of money … but what happens when that moment ends? What do many of them live between project and project? As you will understand, being a public image you can not get to fold jerseys in a store as we would all do. The solution of many of them, the most far-sighted, is to start a business. The most frequent: a cocktail bar or a restaurant. Here I make a compilation of the most fashionable bars and restaurants in Madrid at the moment, whose owner / owner is a known actor or actress.


We started with the newly opened Lover . Raquel Meroño is already an expert in decorating sites and creating environments where people go very comfortable to have a drink. This is the case of this pub located on Santiago Street, 3 in Madrid. Right in front of the San Miguel market. I have to say that I have already enjoyed it and it is a pleasure to enter at twelve o’clock at night to have a drink and not to be thrown out until six in the morning. At last!

To have a beer at the weekend with a good tosta I present La Tourné , what all my life had been the cafeteria of the theater of La Latina. They have a nice terrace where you can sit and watch the people passing by. It is the meeting place for actors and people of the interpretation cremio. Well this is property of the actress Inma Cuesta , which you can see there many days, as long as her busy schedule allows it.

The last one I discovered was Greener , a restaurant in Padre Claret number 3. Without knowing who it was, a friend invited me to dinner and I fell in love. Food first and service second. The waiters are very polite and very affectionate. A pleasure! Soon I found out that this restaurant belongs to the actor Fernando Andina and I understood everything. The restaurant has the same class and friendliness as its owner. I recognize that I was always in love with him, since he starred in When I left class.

Another of the recommendations I make is Matute , in Plaza de Matute, 12. It is the place where fashion actors celebrate their birthday parties or where the teams of the series and films meet to celebrate their successes. It is owned by Yolanda Ramos and her husband in a cooperative with other partners. The great claim of the place is a private room downstairs that is accessed through an old telephone booth from photobooth sydney.


Really the most difficult have been weekends, movies and meals in other people’s houses, I tell them how I have managed to maintain the hCG shots diet. Of course many waiters have seen me as crazy, but I have made super incapie that absolutely not a drop of oil should touch my food.
SUPER TIP: Almost all restaurants have a weight control of the portions, ask your waiter to tell them the weight of what they are going to eat and that way they can remove the quantity that can not be eaten and record in their log how many calories really consumed (100gr of protein is the maximum allowed per meal)
MEAT RESTAURANT: Last weekend we went to La Mansión, a meat restaurant, but I think that in any meat or Argentinean restaurant you can do the same:
I ordered the salad without dressing or anything, I put lemon, maggy and English and ate it all.
I asked the waiter how many grams of loin with lemon he said we counted the strips and asked him to separate two strips without marinating, when bringing the grill to the table I cooked it with lemon, salt, maggy and English. And to accompany some steamed vegetables.
RESTAURANTE JAPONES: We went to one that had a chicken teppanyaki table and obviously that was what I ordered, there I asked the grillman not to put grease on the grill. In another Japanese I asked him to make the teppan in a pan without any fat and so they did. To accompany small with misoshiru soup (but it has very few calories) and a salad without dressing, I simply squeezed the lemon.
INTERNATIONAL RESTAURANT OR CAFETERIA: A salad without dressing, with chicken broth without anything and the boiled brisket of the shredded broth. To accompany you can ask for a tomato or cucumber with lemon dish. If you are Mexican, you can order two roasted nopalitos in a clean frying pan, they have no calories!
I am a little addicted to frappe, but always do it with powders or super fattening syrups, except those of teavana that practically have no calories you should only specify that they only put a spoon of light milk and splenda to sweeten.
FOR CINEMA: I brought a bag of celery, chopped with lemon, salt and chili and a bag of dehydrated apple of 36kcal of those sold in the costco.
In STARBUCKS twice they have done my frappe saying that please do it with two shots of expresso, 3 splendas 1 tablespoon milk light and 1 ounce of water. Of these you can take several a day.
SUPER TRAP THAT I’M DOING: I bought lite n light meringues that only have 3kcal each, tons if I crave something sweet I like some of these. I have thought that it is not a lot of cheating because the eggs are allowed from time to time, and the meringues are only egg white with splenda and flavoring.
TIP: Instead of the grissini or melba I found some wheat toast called LIGERITAS that only have 18 kcal, but they are quite big and they are sauces.
AVISOOOO DO NOT EAT TURKEY IN THE DIET IT DOES NOT LOWER WEIGHT … I say this from my own experience and then investigate and most of the people do not approach the turkey because it has happened that they lose even one gram.
This is how I have survived eating on the street without exceeding my 500 kcal per day.
Finally, you know that I do not 100% protocol because I mix the vegetables allowed, but I decided to try a few days, because I have dropped less than other people who started at the same time as me, (of course there are people who want to lose 100 pounds and then if you expect them to drop more!) and many people say that you must respect the 100% protocol to lose weight properly. I hope I can, I will tell you how it was.

Plumbing, Restaurant Plumbing, Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Water is one of the most important parts of a restaurant – it’s an ingredient, which is a drink, and they use it to clean everything from the floors you walk to the dishes you eat out. And while it may seem like a simple thing, the stainless steel sink and the combination faucet you choose to deliver the water that will affect productivity, ease of use and aesthetics in your business. With this in mind, make sure you are picking the best tap for the job!

A dripping tap can increase your water bill by hundreds of dollars per year. In fact, 1 drip / second equals around 3,000 gallons / year! Fortunately, most causes of leaky faucets are easy to diagnose and inexpensive to repair. Watch this video to learn!

Choose the best restaurant taps to fit the size and configuration of the sink

Our selection of restaurant Best faucets includes options for your hand washing, washing utensils, or cleaning needs in general. Choose faucets of different sizes, styles and types to find a model that is compatible with your sink. You’ll find the mounting cover in styles that connect directly to your sink, as well as the wall-mount models that are installed in the wall or backsplash. read more

No matter which room in your establishment you are equipping, we are sure to have the restaurant plumbing supplies you need. Take a look at our commercial kitchen faucets to use in your dish room or area preparation room, and browse our workboard models for your bathrooms. You will find the specialty faucets hands-free and medical, as well, which are perfect for use in hospitals, laboratories and doctors’ offices.

The tasks that are being carried out and the configuration of your water lines also influence the type of restaurant faucets you choose. Swivel, double articulation, and pre-rinse taps are ideal for use in three compartment sumps, because they have a wide range of movement. However, if you are looking for a model with more aesthetic appeal for placement in common areas, then check out our gooseneck styles.

Wall mounting faucet, Wall-mounted faucets are fixed to the wall behind your sink and, because they usually sit higher, they provide more filling space for larger containers. Wall mounting faucet with swan neck Wall mounting nozzles Swing faucets Wall mounting nozzles with double joint faucets Wall mounting nozzles Workboard Wall mounting faucet Nozzle faucet, Deck mounting faucet

Mounting cover faucets connect directly to your sink, and they carry various styles to suit your specific dishwashing needs. The mounting taps of the swan neck cover nozzles cover mounting faucets with oscillation nozzles cover-mounting taps with double articulation cover nozzles-Mount Workboard faucets cover-mounting faucets without nozzle

Pre-rinse faucets and spray valves, Pre-rinse faucets and spray valves make the dishwashing process more efficient. These faucets are used to spray food particles glued-on off plates. Wall mount pre-rinse faucet sets cover with pre-rinse mount faucet sets Add-On faucets for Pre-Rinse faucets Pre-rinse by spray Valves, The faucets of the bathrooms

Lever / Twist Pedal and hand valves free baskets sink Pre-rinse valves removable and wringer Dipper parts well and Accessories Drain accessories Garbage collection pieces and accessories Lever / Turn parts and valve accessories waste

Since water is vital to the daily operation of its creation, it is extremely important to have the proper pipeline restaurant. In addition to the restaurant faucets, we also make other essential items for your sink. From the water heaters to the filters, we have everything necessary to keep the water at temperature and free of viruses, sediment and scaling. Do not forget to stock up on accessories, including drainage channels and garbage collection parts. For other great items for your utensil washing station, check out our wet area mats. dish racks. and disinfection of chemical products. If you are wondering where to buy taps and restaurant pipes,



How to choose an online ordering system for restaurants

If you want your restaurant to increase sales year after year, you will have to find new ways to sell online. While there are a number of ways to increase revenue, one of the most effective methods nowadays is to add an Restaurant ordering systems to your restaurant’s website. In this way, you expand the possibilities offered by the web and gain customers who want to enjoy your dishes in the comfort of your home.

In the market there are many to choose from, such as  GloriaFood , bonVito ,  ChowNow , MENUDRIVE and Toast. By adding some of these online ordering system for restaurants to your website, you can control the experience a customer has when they place an order with your business. The type of experience class that a client has will most likely determine whether or not he or she will order again.

In a hyperconnected world like today, people are always looking to do things quickly, efficiently and on the move. That’s why online orders that meet this desire will generate sales that you would not otherwise get. When choosing an online ordering system for restaurants , there are some things you should think about and analyze.

We will discuss here 4 aspects to consider in the online ordering system for restaurants:  Ability to customize, Ease of integration, Fees and costs and Marketing support.

1. Ability to personalize.

The goal of any online ordering system is to make the business as transparent as possible for the customers. A good order system allows you to use the brand of the restaurant: the same logo of the company, the colors and the style of the photograph, so you feel completely in sync with the rest of your website.

Look for ease of use in registration, order and payment. Systems that allow users to log in through Facebook and other popular platforms capture more orders. Those that allow you to add high quality photos of your dishes will generate more sales. Search, then, for a provider that offers a solution that fits well, or that can be adapted to search and feel like an extension of your website.

2. Ease of integration

Many of the best online ordering systems for restaurants will  be integrated with most well-known POS (Point of Sale) or Point of Sale (POS) terminals . This streamlines your process in several ways. By having the order inserted directly into your system, the online order will be handled like any other order in your restaurant. This will keep labor costs under control and, most importantly, reduce order errors. In addition, inventory deductions and sales numbers will be reported accurately.

Check with your PPV provider to see which systems are compatible and which ones they recommend. This will save you time and money in the long term. If your sales system is not compatible with the available order systems, there are suppliers that offer low-tech solutions, such as orders by email, direct printing, among others. Just make sure you think about how to integrate orders online with your current operating system to avoid possible problems. Failures in the process will translate into higher operational costs.

3. Fees and costs

All online order systems come with a cost. Some providers charge an initial fee and then a fixed monthly fee to use the system. Others charge for the software and have the necessary hardware that you should buy. Others will want to charge you for each order.

Whatever the cost structure of the system you are considering, it is important to think about these costs and try to calculate a theoretical target ROI (return on investment). The charges per order may seem attractive, but could significantly affect your profitability. Flat costs can sometimes make the marketing budget and advertising costs easier and still get a good profit. Make sure you get a comprehensive proposal from each provider to analyze these details and buy among all the options.

4. Promotion of your new online ordering system.

Spreading the word about your new service will be an important factor in making it a success. Talk to each provider to see how they can help you and what they have to offer in terms of marketing support. Some companies like ChowNow offer a marketing launch package to help you inform potential customers that you now have an online order option. These packages are customized for the restaurant and its location. Marketing costs are important to calculate your ROI, so any discounts you can negotiate with your provider will help improve the numbers.

Other options

Many restaurants turn to third-party websites to handle orders online. While they may be a simple option, you have to consider possible problems as well. In the platform of an external provider you will benefit from its marketing and advertising, but you will probably pay a much higher cost per order. In addition, your client will be at the mercy of the provider while they are examining the menu, ordering and paying. Your restaurant will also be placed in a competitive environment with many restaurants competing for the same customer. And you are likely to receive email orders that you will have to re-enter at your own terminal or point of sale. There are also more chances that staff enter it incorrectly and mistakes are made that can lead to that user does not ask for more in your restaurant. The worst thing is losing control of the customer experience. An erroneous order and they will not return.

Whichever way you choose, an online ordering system for restaurants will undoubtedly help you grow your business. Just be sure to research all the different options to find the best fit for your business.

Medical passes are no longer given at pharmacies or restaurants

TIJUANA.- After the complaint of the Medical Association for the misuse and corruption in the granting of medical passes, the Secretary of Economic Development of Tijuana, David Moreno, stressed that they did take letters in the matter and are no longer given Pharmacies and restaurants.

He exclaimed that these businesses not only advertised that they could deliver the permit, which many started using as a VIP pass to cross, but also charged improperly.

Those authorized are doctors,  MidAtlantic OBGYN hospitals and hotels, for use in medical emergencies and also to promote business tourism in this region.

It should be noted that medical tourism generates more than 600 million dollars in the region, which can grow if focused properly.

The official also mentioned that any case in which the undue delivery of medical passes for purposes other than the program – that is, VIP passes – will be taken away instantly.

At other points on this issue, he added that they gave directions to the tourist police to make revisions so that the permits are used correctly.

Dr. Lori Walton

Lori is a native of Colorado, growing up in the Denver metro area and is a huge Rockies and Broncos fan. She has been with Saint Joseph Hospital since 2004, starting out in the Performance Excellence department and moving to Program Administrator in 2008. Her background includes managing both restaurants and office staff. Lori has three children, two grandchildren, and enjoys playing softball, volleyball, and occasionally soccer. She has also recently started fishing, golfing and ice fishing whenever she can find the time.


f you’ve come here looking for tips on how to improve the photos of your dishes, you’ve probably tried it before and you have not gotten the desired result. Taking photos of the food has its tricks: there are dishes of elaboration, presentation and different concepts.

We have to create images that tell a story, have a visual impact, and make us want to eat them.

In this post I will not talk about the technical aspects, for that are the professionals of photography, I just want to touch the aspects of composition and design. I would say that there are several important factors to take into account:






Family dinners, picnics, meals with friends, parties and birthdays …  What atmosphere do you want to create?

This requires the application of all the above mentioned tricks: look for the colors, the details and the appropriate composition. Research a little: look for the words and images related to the theme of your party, make a mood board, collect the images, textures, recipes … This will give you many ideas right away.


Today we live in a time of fusion of different styles in art, fashion, cooking. Food has long been not just a food: it is an art form with a lot of visual impact. See these Pippa Drummond photos that look like modern pictures.

And finally, as I mentioned above, you must take into account your corporate colors , because they are the details that accompany your images. How will you use your logo and other elements? Should they have much or little contrast with your photos? etc. They are small things that greatly influence the perception of your brand.


Blue Ribbon is the world’s largest educational institution specializing in hospitality; Ideal for all those who dream of becoming great chefs. It offers courses of quality in Hotel Management and Restaurants, as well as in culinary arts; Particularly French cuisine and pastries.

This respectable academy has 40 international schools in more than 20 countries , where about 20,000 graduate students each year. Next, we will take a look at  Bleu London ; The alma mater of Dione Lucas, the renowned English Chef and the first woman to appear on a television show about cooking (1948-1949).

High cuisine in the UK

Inaugurated in 1933,  Bleu Ribbon is located in the heart of the city, the very fashionable West End; And right next to the British Museum. Students are educated through demonstrations and hands-on classes taught by Master Chefs or Cooks Teachers; And are received by a maximum of 16 students.

The school has two special kitchens for samples, with monitors and large windows; Three kitchens for French specialties and three kitchens for pastry, where the students put “hands to the work”. All the facilities are equipped with the highest quality equipment, as well as the best ingredients for the preparation of each dish.

Blue Ribbon London students come from countries around the world (more than 70 nationalities), and their ages are between 18 and 60 years. Being part of this prestigious school is an experience that lasts over time, and provides knowledge and culinary tools that facilitate entry into the exciting world of haute cuisine.


The profession of Master Chef or Master Chef is exciting and very well paid. At present, you could even sell your own books and even become a famous TV personality like Jamie Oliver.

If you want more information on Culinary Art studies in different institutions in the world click on the following link: Les 3 Maitres Gourmands


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Ultra quiet, HEPA filtration luxury accessories Hotelera par excellence

Definitely the best vacuum cleaner for use in shops, offices, hotels, restaurants, residences, and where quality and comfort are indispensable.

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The quality in its 4 stages of unique filtration with line HEPA filtration confer it like the most hygienic one in closed environments where the quality of the air is compromised with the quality of aspiration.

Adgility 6 and 10XP

The most appropriate solution for the most difficult places. Where maneuverability, speed and efficiency depend on the right technology

These vacuum cleaners have been designed for intensive work in offices, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, movie theaters, theaters, buses, airplanes, etc.

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Backpacks for specialized work
VU 500
Carpet specialists

Preferred for their ease and maneuverability in hotels and shops, these pedestal vacuum cleaners facilitate cleaning thanks to its aspirated brushing system offering exceptional suction quality by removing the fibers and allowing greater absorption of the dust trapped in the carpets.

Two versions with different widths for the election of key maids and staff dedicated to cleaning in restaurants, videoclubs, halls, show rooms, etc.

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Landscapes Transformed

The exhibition “Quique Dacosta. Landscapes Transformed “that will open its doors in the MuVIM of Valencia tomorrow, is another step in the desire of the laureate chef to take his gastronomic concept beyond the kitchen, a concept that accumulates national and international recognition.

The exhibition “Quique Dacosta. Landscapes Transformed “which will open its doors tomorrow in MuVIM of Valencia, is  a further step in winning chef’s desire to bring his culinary concept beyond the kitchen , a concept that builds national and international recognition.
The three-star chef has presented at a press conference the exhibition accompanied by the Director of MuVIM Francisco Molina, Commissioner Beatriz Garcia, Gaby Borro of Studio 2E + 1L, Mª Josep Amigó vice president of the Diputación and Xavier Rius Deputy of Culture and Museums. visit us here, “Quique Dacosta. Landscapes Transformed “presents, through a conceptual tour,  the inner world and the creative process developed by the chef to build and define your cooking style , imbued with Mediterranean essences and raw materials.
“We are at a crucial moment in my professional career and this exhibition will help to understand my expressive language,” said Quique Dacosta in relation to an unprecedented sample that pays tribute to his gastronomic concept.
For Quique Dacosta, “the perspective they have given to the exhibition is not purely gastronomic, but fundamentally artistic. They have extracted the most inspirational and conceptual part of the dishes and have mixed it with the creative side. The  edible works restaurant enter the museum as a concepts that create a language in which other disciplines involved. “
The exhibition presents a careful list of videos, photographs, scenographies and reproductions of the most iconic and essential dishes of the chef, distributed in five thematic blocks: “Landscapes of the Exterior”; “Spiral. The Journey of the Argonaute “; “Landscapes Scenarios”; “Kitchen-Studio of Creativity. Scientific Landscapes “; And “Landscapes of the Interiority”.
“Landscapes Transformed is a step in the artistic expression of my work, the fruit of the exercise to communicate in my own language, transcending the natural area for which I was born, the kitchen and the table , ” said the star of the exhibition , Doctor Honoris Causa in Fine Arts at the Miguel Hernández University.
The director of MuVIM Francisco Molina believes that “Quique is an impressionist, as was Monet or Degas, who works his dishes as if they were paintings. He transforms the landscape into plasmas in his creations and turn them into works of art. This is the essence of the exhibition. “
The idea arose two years ago from QB Arquitectos and has been developed in collaboration with Estudio 2E + 1L. Quique Dacosta has personally supervised the entire development and assembly process.
According to the curator, “the approach to the world of a creator is always a complex operation and becomes a game of approximate knowledge, a journey that we have tasted in a spiral transit around Quique Dacosta.”
“I feel the strong embrace of those who have participated in the exhibition and with his art and knowledge have sat at  my kitchen table to give breadth to my work and join other artistic expressions , ” declared the cook.
The chef, from Extremadura and Valencian adoption, has turned “Quique Dacosta Restaurante” with three Michelin stars and present in the prestigious list “The World’s 50 best restaurants by The Restaurant Magazine”, a world reference of high gastronomy. He is also the only three-star chef in the Region of Valencia.
He is also the owner of the restaurants El Poblet (1 *), Vuelve Carolina and Mercatbar in Valencia. He has just published his third book “3. Quique Dacosta “and is immersed in the 2015 season,  Moods , in his restaurant in Denia.

Satisfied Customers Treatment for Acne from Proactiv and Pilaten Combo

One of the most popular acne and pimple treatments today is Proactiv-pilaten. Not only has it helped many young people to eliminate acne completely, Proactiv is also an efficient communicator and uses commercial ads in newspapers, magazines and television, usually through celebrity show, to bring their message to all people suffering from acne. acne.

The treatment to eliminate Proactiv acne consists of 3 simple products that act on each of the main causes of new outbreaks of acne and these are:

The Proactiv-pilaten treatment as well as each of its products including not only treat this acne on your skin but also tries to prevent new outbreaks of acne, blackheads and pimples on your face or body . Basically, Proactiv works by preventing the pores of the skin from clogging or unclogging the already covered pores, to combat the acne-causing bacteria located inside the clogged glands and pores.

The only active ingredient of the famous treatment Proactiv is benzoyl peroxide . This is the same ingredient that you can find in many acne cleansers that exist in the market. If there is any criticism of Proactiv is that the price does not reflect using only such a common ingredient that can be found at such a low price. In turn, the thousands of satisfied customers demonstrate that there is effectiveness in using the Proactiv system compared to other creams.

Benzoyl peroxide has been used in cosmetic products to remove dead skin cells . One of its side effects for a long time is that it dries the skin, producing scaling and itching. To counteract dryness, some ingredients like salicylic acid were incorporated into the medications but they still do not appear in the latest Proactiv formula.

However, Proactiv-pilaten have many positive aspects and a great history of testimonials ensuring their effectiveness throughout the Internet. The manufacturer of the Proactiv treatment to eliminate acne claims that the product can work on anyone regardless of age, skin type or even acne severity.

The last time you reviewed your website you had to subscribe to a monthly mailing plan when you took advantage of the free offer or ordered via the Proactiv website. For those who prefer to be a little more in control or just do not like plans monthly shipments , I found how to get it without having to subscribe to a monthly plan. If you live in the United States find it on Amazon preference, you can buy different products Proactiv by clicking here . Amazon is very good sending to all countries, if you do not find it in your country, order it on Amazon with the confidence that you will receive it quickly.

A German fitness gym 1864, the most beautiful restaurant

But the important thing in a restaurant is what is on the plate or in the glass, the whole environment surrounding a dining experience influences. Lighting, odors, cleanliness or style of a local matter. Thus, the organization Restaurant & Bar Design is dedicated to reward the most beautiful restaurants, and this year has been awarded the Grand Café, a restaurant located in a former fitness gym of London: the Fit Shop Pro reviews German Gym.

The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards are awards that are dedicated each year to recognize the best local from the aesthetic point of view. This was the eighth edition of the awards, which the jury has received more than 1,000 applications only from UK. Another 70 countries have submitted candidacy.

Although the restaurant owners proudly received the award, it is the architectural Conran & Partners the deserving of this award. This study faced a rehabilitation of a gym was built by the German Society of Fitness in 1864. Although the works have been draft, those responsible have maintained the overall structure and some historical details like hooks climbing the ceiling and the columns of molten steel.


To contrast the size and coldness of this great building, the designers have opted for the choice of a number of noble materials colors and warm textures. And highlights the walnut panels and leather upholstery aged in gray and black, but the dim lighting which manages to turn a ship as big in an intimate and elegant atmosphere.

“Each restaurant D & D is a unique destination and is a particular approach and different design. Our idea for the German Gym was to create a modern interpretation of a-typical brasserie French- German restaurant but with nuances,” says an official Conran & Partners.


Towards a new management model purchasing and coffee service in hotels

The situation that has enveloped in recent years the Spanish economy in general and the situation of the hotel and the coffee market in particular has evolved the management model coffee in hotels, understanding management throughout the process that develops from purchase to customer service, through the maintenance of machinery, a key factor in this family.

For coffee service in the hospitality industry it is essential to have adequate and sufficient machinery. Beyond the need for the hotel cafe it is in the service of breakfast, or about four hours a day when the hotel serves a large number of cafes and need a quick and quality response. Until recently, most of the hotels brewed coffee served by mass production systems, from American type coffee filter to processed products covering the range of frozen, liquids, and other soluble solutions. The latest trends, especially in urban hotels, opt for the coffee service made individually or from a capsule (in the line of Nespresso) or from machines “full automatic” grinding coffee at the time and made coffee brewing traditional.

These two options we have pointed out baseline differences. In the service capsule, higher technology or higher added value it is in the capsule itself, so that the machinery is relatively inexpensive and where you pay a high price is the consumer unit. It is the opposite case of machine systems “full automatic”, where the coffee is working on basic grain and machinery which quickly get an expresso coffee or any of the other varieties usually offer.

Two different types of systems are consistently two models of investment the supplier. In the first, the transfer of machinery for capsules, is usually subject to a minimum consumption of capsules given month or year. Both consumption entitling such machinery as a way to prevent the client to save the risk of queues, request more machinery that consumption credits. It is the second model, where providers have to invest significant sums in machinery, where the position of the coffee has changed circumstances of recent years and we want to make a special reflection.

It had been usual in the coffee market , providers should offer to customers buying coffee pure coffee price or a premium per kilo if they delivered machinery. this was the common environment when the machinery used to consist of classic top 10 espresso machines under $300 with two or three arms. The proliferation of automatic machinery increases the need for investment, precisely at a time where all companies control more than ever the return on investment.The classic model amortization based on a fixed premium applied to kilo of coffee based on an estimated consumption of the establishment, but that estimated consumption was reduced by many general crisis that has shaken times and still shaking hospitality. That’s why many coffee companies have fled the model estimated consumption, which assume the risk that the hospitality business sells little and seek more equitable models that made available to the client the necessary machinery and maintenance, and the customer has to pay the value of that investment as if it were a holiday. Under this new model no longer disputes if the customer needs more or less machinery, because according to that request will pay more or less. The downside is that the customer ends up paying the real price coffee, you know how much your coffee, and you can compare validly other offers. This new mode lets the coffee like coffee seller and lessor of equipment and service it.

Perhaps many hotels have not lived a pressure in the sense of a model change or an adjustment of the investment if the machinery they use is not owned, and this may be because in this global framework, the fall coffee prices since 2011, when it reached an average price of $ 230 per pound to just over 110 marked in recent months (can see these statistics in the web it has mitigated the need for many coffee companies to make new approaches customers already in its portfolio, but there is no doubt that the model it tends is that of an ROI based on real numbers and not on estimates.

Cleaning restaurants: legal requirements

What are the conditions of hygiene and cleanliness expected of a restaurant?

Whether you’re a restaurant owner and want to refresh your knowledge, as if you are a customer and often visits dining establishments, you will find it interesting to know the basics of mandatory rules on hygiene and cleanliness to restaurants that applies in Catalonia.


Local conditions
Local food preparation areas must meet the requirements and characteristics stated in the law: Regulation (EC) núm.852 / 2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the hygiene of foodstuffs, annex II.
The materials of floors, ceilings and walls must bewaterproof, absorbent, easy to clean and disinfect, and nontoxic.
If there is a good natural ventilation, you must install an effective system of air renewal. The pullers are a good solution.
Openable windows or openings for ventilation in the kitchen and the store must have mosquito nets to prevent insects from entering. The entry and stay of pets where he prepares and serves food is prohibited.
In pest control, the person responsible for the establishment contract or develop and implement a program for insect and rodent control based on the hazard analysis. It is applied in accordance with current legislation.
The premises must be provided with potable hot and cold running water.
Toilet facilities (toilet, sink, etc.) must be isolated from the kitchen and dining room, and must have sufficient ventilation. The aspect of this area is a reliable indicator of the health of theentire premises. The toilets handlers should be different from those authorized for customers.
The store should have the right to proper food storage conditions. In addition to the warehouse, you will provide a refrigeration system capable of containing the usual volume of food consumption.

Work items. General cleaning
surfaces tables or any other element in contact with food must be unalterable, smooth, polished and non – porous materials, to avoid the deposition and accumulation of food particles, bacteria or insects. These features also facilitate cleaning.

We recommend using preferably stainless steel materials. The copper or wood presents significant problems.

Must decommission plates, trays, cups and glasses cracked or chipped, because they can have a double risk: retain dirt and cause injury. If an appliance falls to the ground, it will never be used without washing it.

The machinery must be easy to clean and disassemble. It is important to pay special attention to cleaning the mixers and meat choppers.

Standards for cleaning
technique for cleaning kitchens and utensils is based on two principles:
a) application of physical means to drag dirt
b) disinfection

Table utensils shall be sanitized with a dishwashing machine reaches a temperature above 80 ° C.

Floor cleaning surfaces, utensils and equipment should be done daily and thoroughly.

Personal hygiene
is essential that all manipulator maintain strict personal hygiene to prevent microorganisms from which it may be carrying contaminate food.
All personnel should use clean clothes and exclusive use.
The hand hygiene is the most important, because they are the body parts that are in direct contact with food. Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap, hot water and nail brush, rinse and dry them well (paper towels for single use are the most recommended drying system). Hands should be washed without fail under the following circumstances:
When starting work and every time an interrupt occurs.
After handling raw foods and before handling cooked foods.
After using a handkerchief to cough, sneeze or blow.
After using the toilet.
If an injury occurs in the hands, after cure, it will be protected with a waterproof dressing that will always remain clean.
When the manipulator with diarrhea, sore throat, fever, colds, wounds, skin infections mucous or jaundice, it shall immediately to the address of the establishment to be decided by medical advice, if you have to suspend your regular job until he recovers, advise requesting treatment or change to a job that does not involve food handling.
In premises where food is handled not be smoked, shall be eaten or gum mask. These actions increase salivation and hand movements, and facilitate the possibility of transferring microorganisms from the mouth to the food.

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Renew your restaurant or cafe

The food industry and beverage reinvents itself every day to continue offering opportunities for people seeking navigate the business world.While it is a highly competitive sector, it is also true that there isalways a place reserved for those who bet on a novel concept to conquer even the most discerning palate.

So open a restaurant, café, tavern or position is one of the most recurrent self – employment practices in our country. For example, someone who lost his job in the food sees an alternative to generate income. According to the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry (Canirac) in the last five years annual growth of 8.3%, ie, about 20,000 establishments is observed.
Currently, the agency has registered 345,000 units of food and 96% of them do not exceed five employees. On the other hand, there are anestimated 700,000 positions operating in informality.

The problem is that just as open places also closed. In Mexico, in 10 restaurants were opened eight closed in over five years. “Most believe that these businesses are simple, with a good recipe or just a novel idea. This is wrong , “says Braulio Cardenas, president of the Canirac.

And in 2009 the figures soared. The economic crisis, coupled with the anti – smoking law , which applies to some states , the Federal District, were the litmus test for many restaurants: last year sales decreased by 11.7% on average nationwide.
While the health emergency caused by the influenza virus A H1N1 worsened the already critical situation. Only in May 2009, sales fell 60% and an estimated 6,000 closed establishments in the Republic.

Who survived? In a postmortem analysis, Cardenas concludes that certain characteristics contributed to the survival of business. For example, have a professional management system: keep inventory control , costs, expenses and income as well as having a sales strategy.In addition, owners own local took advantage -for the fact not having to pay profit- and those who had no debt at the time of crisis.

Although these factors are not enough against a glut of supply, which causes not only less income, but the contraction of profit margins restaurants. In response, apart from the competition and innovate it led some brands to consider the challenge both survive the crisis and even grow.

For Jose Carlos Gutierrez, marketing specialist restaurants Higher Education Center San Angelo (Cessa) -dedicated to hospitalidadad- industry, there are two factors that characterize a successful business: its unique selling proposition, ie , have a different offer, and opportunity; in other words, “being in the right place at the right time.”

There is no single recipe for success, but many ways to reach as permitted creativity. Here are some suggestions arising from actual cases.

Reinvent yourself in the hands of a partner

After the resulting health risk of influenza virus that hit rock bottom last year, Outburst and could not recover. First, sales of Italian restaurant, located in the Colonia del Valle in Mexico City, were down 38%. The direction waited to overcome the effects of the crisis, recovering 20%; but it was not there.

“When you get to these levels, you must make decisions soon to avoid losing your heritage , ” says Mireya Ruiz, director of the then called Outburst. When looking for alternatives, she thought to change the rotation of the restaurant. However, it is given the opportunity to partner with La Posta de Coyoacan elsewhere specializes in Italian cuisine.

The owners of both restaurants decided to join forces: they used the name of the partner, who had a greater market penetration and commercial location Outburst: Patricio Saenz and Concepción Béistegui. In addition, it had to not lay off employees, was retained to customers and new fans joined.

In March, the business reopened under the name of La Posta del Valle.Customers continue to visit him Outburst, the restaurant in Coyoacan and new diners. “The first month sales were double the same period last year , ” says the entrepreneur. The secret was to find the right partner, she adds.

Adds value to your offer

Complete with an average ticket of $ 600 per person consumption amid the economic crisis, Artichoke Heart , with seven years of operation in Guadalajara, Jalisco opened two branches in the Federal District. While down repetition and order premium products at this stage, “raised the number of new customers , ” said Carlos Anaya, who serves as director of operations of the chain.

Your Hit justify every penny they pay their people. “They make the perceived value is greater than the value of the plate. And people agree to pay , “says Jose Carlos Gutierrez marketer.

Artichoke heart is not an expensive restaurant and longer. Ensures dishes made with products of the day: no food is not frozen, the fish is fresh and the meat is kept under a process of aging. ” In addition, the chef goes to the market every day to choose the best ingredients , ” says Anaya. Therefore, the restaurant does not have a preset letter, but with a blackboard where special dishes for each day are written.

80% of the vegetables consumed are produced in the state of Guadalajara in own greenhouses, using organic principles. While in the capital, equipment and looking for a location to replicate this practice.

The restaurant also offers products from their place of origin. For example, in Spain, Jabugo ham, manchego olive oil and pecorino; Italy, Parmesan cheese. As for drinks, the menu includes spirits, rums and tequilas.

Each branch has a maximum capacity of 100 people. “So we can give a personalized service. I know the names of my customers, what they like and what they take , “concludes Anaya.

Let your customers set the price

In September and October 2009, Morgana Coffee, based in the Pearl of the West decided to risk: he allowed his customers to pay what they wanted. This promotion was a way to react to a decline of 50% recorded sales because of the economic crisis.

“We wanted to draw attention, relying on the loyalty of the people and in our quality and service , ” explains Eduardo Castañeda, general manager and owner of the place. This idea took hold of European newspapers that talked about cases of Spanish and French restaurants that had already been carried out this strategy.

For things not to leave their control, limited promotion to lunchtime because it is when competing with neighboring boardinghouses composed by office workers in the area clientele. He also designed a specific menu included a salad, panini, drink and dessert, that the letter would have cost $ 90.

Usually, people “was just” because paid up to $ 120 and only two cases diners gave something unreal: $ 10 or $ 15. In the end, the balance was positive: a gain of 20% was obtained and attendance rose 40 percent.

The entrepreneur recommends using this tactic for a certain time and keep a close control of the box. Above all, the important thing is to talk to employees to join the effort to give a good service , since it will depend on the customer appreciates the added value and work hard on the price proposed by the customer.

Satisfy different audiences

One of the basic principles of marketing is to seek specialization. “The theory is that you focus , ” says Gutierrez, the Cessa. And if specialize is synonymous to find a concept that multiply your target market, then success is guaranteed.

El Eight restaurant, located in the Condesa, in Mexico City, he succeeded. This thanks to found an idea that distinguished him from the vast competition around them: be a play area for children and adults.

Thus, in the mornings come men and professional women and housewives; at lunchtime, office area; afternoon, children accompanied by their parents and at night people 20 to 50 years old;while the weekends are rather familiar. And the best part is that every public can enjoy spaces and services designed to meet their needs menus.

The concept began with sandwiches and coffee, as well as table games as an entertainment option and coffee machine rentals for office singapore. Over time the request of its customers, the letter was extended to 300 dishes to please different tastes: from pizza and burgers to meat and fish.

Other services have also been added: a business center, consisting of a table with 10 places for people who want to work and connect to theInternet; reading area; terrace for smokers; interactive table and playground for children. To all this have access diners, who make an average of $ 130 individual consumption.

Opting for the volume without sacrificing quality

Think of a French restaurant refers to long tablecloths, high prices, waiters dressed penguin and classical background music. But Harlequin breaks this stereotype. -of Owners are not pretentious gallons origin and sacrifice all the luxury to offer affordable French cuisine. “We wanted to do something more bistro, a kind of inn with homemade food in France , ” explains Dominique Dumond, one of the founders.

A point where they have emphasized is control of costs. The main investment you make is income paid by local 60m2 occupying the restaurant, located in the Colonia Cuauhtemoc (a block from Paseo de la Reforma) in Mexico City. This area is known for hosting and corporate offices, as well as being housing. Hence the customer is assured throughout the year.

On the other hand, their inputs are national but the seasoning and recipes are French. Moreover, they are prepared by a chef from the same source. His dishes are traditional: onion soup, terrine, snail, nicoise salad, querelles, salmon, pies, medallions with pepper, braised beef, etc.

While sacrificing some use for a traditional French restaurant, bet on a greater volume of consumption, as it has a base of repeat customers who, in turn, recommend the place among his acquaintances. And this is reflected in the figures: in 2009 alone sales grew 20% compared to the previous year.

Renew yourself without losing the essence

After that for 45 years the Villamelon occupied the corner of Alberto Balderas and Atlanta, opposite the Plaza de Toros Mexico, its owners decided to move. Almost half a century ago, an amateur bullfighting started this business which is characterized by its small letter contained a single type of taco: folksy, which carries sausage, pork and beef jerky, with his typical red sauce.

The place opened only from Thursday to Sunday was almost always burst; only he had a bar and behind it the Cue. Customers ate standing, sitting on the sidewalk or in the coffers of their cars. Until the opportunity arose to move to a nearby location where space is four times higher.

The new home, a few blocks from above, also gave a more modern look to the traditional Villamelon and attracted new clientele. “Being on the shaft, opposite the Plaza de Toros, people see us , ” says Erika Miranda, one of the owners of the place.

The local two – story bar and parking, plus tables on the first floor.However, there is still the option of eating standing on the ground floor and still need to buy tickets before ordering food. A la carte quesadillas and charro beans were added. And now open every day of the week.

Already entered in changes, the three brothers of the Miranda family -who run the business together with his mother decided to franchise the model as a way to grow other parts of the city. But the hearty sauce tacos and will remain the main attraction.

Attracting Customers … with the power of email

One of the best ways to attract customers to your restaurant automatically and inexpensively, and sometimes at 0 cost, is to use e-mail.

To send promotions and maintain regular contact with your list of customers and prospects.

This is clear and growing strength taken.
It is not new that strategies such as radio, television, even the yellow pages, are ceasing to be profitable by the high cost they represent, if you compare it with the benefit obtained by using these means.
And as I’ve said, you’re in front of a restaurant to make money, not to spend it without obtaining a satisfactory return.
You can even make strategies with zero economic profit in the first instance, but with subsequent benefits over time, throughout the lifetime of your customer in your restaurant at least average should be two years.
So today, I want to talk to 2 simple options you can use to communicate frequently with your prospects or customers, using the power of email and by scrub:

1. Free Option

If you think you have $ monthly $ 19, to use a professional email service, still, you can opt for the free option, which although more laborious, will leave that little free budget for any other marketing strategy.

So, to use the free option, this is what you do:

First you must be sure to have a database of prospects and customers, in which you will have stored the most important data, such as:

Saucer Favorite (or more frequent consumption)

There are 5 data, which at least should get your prospects and customers. However, if you think you have enough confidence with them, you can also ask for their phone to track your email communications.

How to apply the data?

Apply your customers filling a simple survey of service, in which, as an incentive offer your best dessert on your next visit before 7 days only in exchange for fill all your data.

You can tell, you are creating a VIP Customer Club and is a pleasure to invite you to belong to this club.

People are always willing to belong to a club, so you can take advantage of this to create a community of loyal customers who will have preferential treatment, that will be the spokesmen for the great experience that exists in your restaurant.

Have you noticed how they treat artists when visiting anywhere?

Excellent treat, because his opinion has great impact on society, so you have to do the same with your best customers, that will bring to you great customers like them.

Well, back to the subject of the email, you must save the data in a spreadsheet to quickly find the data of your customers and send them promotions according to your tastes (you remember that Note your favorite dish in the survey) and professions.

You can create a special offer for doctors, or architects, or ….

Well, you know what I mean.

Now you just have to use your regular e-mail provider, in this case, as we speak of free providers, my best recommendation is that you use, it is the best and ensuring proper delivery of your emails.

When you submit your offer, remember to place the emails from others in the Carbon Copy part, if you have questions about this, you can go to any computer to support you.

What makes Carbon Copy is hide the emails of all persons to whom they sent the mail, so you’ll be protecting the identity of your customers, without revealing information about their e-mail addresses, to prevent them from doing wrong using this.

Your customers already trusted you, and it is important not to make a mistake of this kind not to disappoint your trust.

2. Professional Service

This is the most recommended option. It will take a lot of work off, because you can automate much of the process and send your email to any number of prospects, with minimal costs.

There are 2 services that have proven their quality and overall effectiveness in handling email:

Personally, I use Aweber to send my newsletter and all my email communications, it is quite simple to use although it is in English, but their service is very intuitive.

Now a friend of mine recorded a video tutorial on using this tool, and I’m to convince him to authorize me to publish it on my blog.

However, this will depend on the interest that wakes up this issue, as the number of comments received this post.

Now if you prefer a person you support this work, and you just indicate what you want to communicate, you can use a Virtual Assistant or Expert in Local Marketing.

They are specialists in handling this tool and I personally use their services to devote to other tasks that generate more value in my business.

If you visit can give preferential treatment if you indicating that you have been recommended by me.

Another thing you should know is that the cost of this service (the is as low as $ 19 dollars a month for up to 500 people in your database and goes up gradually, according to the number of people have.

Believe me, if you manage 500 people are in frequent contact with your restaurant, you will laugh out loud to pay those $ 19 dollars a month.

Most successful restaurants live comfortably with this amount of frequent customers.

Can you imagine what you do with 1,000, 1,500 or 2,500 people?

Well, there’s the power of email. Try it and tell me your results, nothing pleases me more than to receive success stories

Tips for asking for something in English in a bar or restaurant

Tips for ordering in a restaurant as a native English

Have you ever tried that when ordered in English at a restaurant you’ve been nervous?

Or have you doubted your vocabulary ?

Or even worse you forgot you had to say and the waiter / a has been watching you while probably wondering, did you decide or not?

If you’ve been through one of these moments or the like, this is your post como aprender ingles rapido e sozinho. We will focus on making you feel comfortable while you order at a restaurant , cafe, bar or wherever necessary because asking is something that should not be a moment of linguistic panic but a situation in which we manipulated like a fish in water ( Like a fish in water ).

For our part we must say that we have good news, there are many ways that can help you the time to ask more enjoyable.

1. Start saluting

Admittedly, often not only depends on the mood of the waiter to make that time a good time, there are days that we ourselves do not realize and are somewhat “cold” with the restaurant staff, well do not forget to be friendly with them as this will determine quite possibly your experience in place and tip.

By this we mean that if we got to the counter to order a coffee, not only just a “coffee please”, if not the best option would be to get a “Hello, Can I get / have a coffee, please?”  Generally , the employee will greet you before you do.

It is interesting to emphasize that US restaurant workers generally are paid with tips from customers so they usually tend to be very friendly, try to repay this kindness.


2. Question: Can I get something?

Keep in mind you have to ask, do not send ( questions INSTEAD OF Demands ). Never say I want – “ . The best option would be to ask:

In this way we sound more educated and we walk to if you do not have what we would like you can change more naturally. If this is the case, you can always say Alright, then a Pepsi can I have, please?” Well, then I can take a Pepsi?

The answer will be something like: Yes, you can. Anything else? “

If you can. Anything else?

3. Is it to go?

First we will differentiate the terms to “take out” and “to go” .

To go normally used for both food and beverage while the expression “take out” is generally used only for food. They also add that “to go” is used more in UK.

Now an example:

4. You have to be prepared for possible extra questions

For example if you want to order a coffee, you have to specify what kind of want coffee, ice coffee(iced coffee) or if you want it with soy milk, With soy milk, please.

Also, it is very common to specify as you like eggs , so you can ask if you want eggs:

Also, if you want the meat overcooked ( well done ),  rather crude ( rare ) or point ( medium rare ).

At first it may be complicated, or is normal that you get really nervous when the waiter asks you something and you have not understood correctly. In this case, do not hesitate to ask you to repeat the question, just so you can learn and as a last council say that there shame to lose, so just get better.

You know what to choose in a restaurant when you’re dieting?

Make diet is not so easy, but the neighbor or your friend tell you that they have achieved with “willpower”. And, when you follow a weight loss program not only care about what you eat , but also social and personal circumstances around us, our mood or the time available. Not the same control what we eat when we are at home and we can prepare a healthy meal quietly, that when we work out all day, we only have an hour for lunch and corner bar offers egg menu fried with potatoes and bean stew Asturian.

However, even if you think that the stars have aligned against you, do not get excuses and follow our tips to keep your diet at any restaurant or tapas bar. The following link shows you the healthiest in every type of restaurant options .


We sometimes have misconceptions about what is healthy and what is calorie and banish the idea of going to one place or another by the kind of food. Are you thinking of that sushi is healthy and pasta fattening ? Well , not entirely true. The first thing to be clear is thatthere is no good or bad foods , depends on the proportions, combinations and how to cook them .

The best choice: simple dishes that can distinguish each ingredient, with vegetables, salads, fish and grilled meats without sauces or fried or breaded. Also consider not add calories with the bread, drink or dessert ; best fruit and water . Here are some ideas on what dishes to choose in a Japanese, Mexican or Spanish Restaurant.

What to eat in a Japanese restaurant

Speaking of sushi , you know that preparation for sugar is used? The main ingredient is rich starch, white rice which is added sugar and vinegar and, in the case of the pieces California roll, other ingredients such as avocado or even mayonnaise. On the contrary if we choose an integral Italian restaurant pasta with tomato, oregano and cheese Parmesan , it sounds much lighter, right?

Three recommendations for ordering in a Japanese restaurant: miso soup, wakame salad and sashimi.


What to eat at a Mexican restaurant

Mexican food is quite caloric, but as we have been saying, you can always find healthier options. Avoid cheeses, sauces and nachos.

The best choices at a Mexican restaurant: Guacamole with crudités, nachos with chicken or vegetables and tortilla soup.


What to eat in a Spanish restaurant

Although the Spanish cuisine boasts one of the yoga burn diets healthier and recommended, the Mediterranean diet , it is true that the traditional cuisine, championed by most bars and restaurants, is rich in stews, casseroles, meats, fried foods, potatoes and bread, ie otherwise low in fat. However, for the abundance of garden produce, fish and seafood also have lighter options.

Recommendations in a Spanish restaurant: Andalusian gazpacho, melon with ham or Galician octopus.

Do not give up any plan or event by the type of food, adapt to the circumstances and always chooses the greenest dishes! Here we leave a list with the least calorie ingredients so that you have in mind when choosing your menu.

Discover: 50 foods that have less than 50 calories


We bring you the top 10  to watch Movies you should not miss if you are a follower of the most innovative dishes and the most successful in our country cuisine ‘program MasterChef ‘. Different stories, sure to bring the best tips when cooking and handling different situations in the kitchen.

Prepare a weekend to view the best recommendations you have from movie4k  and remember that you can learn much more in ‘Masterchef’ Monday through Friday from 8:00 pm

Then look at the list of the most successful films in the world of cooking. A list especially for people who are studying culinary or like the theme of preparing different recipes.


A film about Remy, a rat with a developed sense of smell, when he discovers a book the greatest chef in Paris. Remy falls for the culinary world, and dreams of becoming a great French chef despite opposition from his family, his father and his brother Emile.


The chef Carl Casper suddenly quits his job at a famous restaurant in Los Angeles, confronted the owner. For things of life it is in Miami and is associated with his ex-wife, his friend and his son to ride a Cuban mobile food stall.

A great night

It tells the story of two brothers Abruzzo Italian immigrants who run a restaurant called “Paradise”. One of the brothers is a bright, perfectionist chef who annoys the expectations of customers of an Italian kitchen “Americanized”. His uncle’s offer to return to Rome to help in your restaurant is becoming more and more attractive.The other brother is the manager of the restaurant, and is in love with the possibilities presented a new life in America.

Julie and Julia

Julie Powell is determined to do something creative to forget their routine work, it is presented as a challenge develop the 524 recipes in the book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” a classic of gastronomy published in 1961 by Julia Child.During that year, he writes every day his experiences in a blog that will have multiple stories.

Hamburger rain

Flint is a young scientist who dreams of inventing something that will improve the lives of all its neighbors. After many attempts manages to create something that really works: a machine that makes food fall from the sky.

A journey of ten meters

Hassan Kadam is a naive professional kitchen with an unbeatable taste. The Kadam family, far from his native India and led by Pope, are set in the small town of Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val in the south of France. Charming, as quaint as elegant, it is the ideal place to establish your home and open an Indian restaurant, the Maison Mumbai. But not everything was perfect for the cook, as the owner of Le Saul Pleureur makes life impossible.


A Lansquenet, a very traditional French town, where nothing has changed in the last hundred years, the North Wind carries two strangers: Vianne Rocher and her daughter Anouk. Vianne opens a chocolate shop full of sweets can awaken the hidden desires of the villagers.

Bon Appetit

This is a story of friends who dare to cross that thin line between love and friendship that changes your life forever. Daniel is Spanish chef, just got his dream: a place in the prestigious restaurant in Zurich Thomas Wackerle. His extraordinary talent as a chef will serve to advance the demanding kitchen Wackerle, but can not get his relationship with Hanna, attractive restaurant sommelier.

Haute Cuisine
Hortense Laborie, a loving woman of traditional French cuisine is selected to handle private meals at the Elysee Palace and see how life comes full circle.Jealousy and envy of many members of the kitchen staff makes your job a difficult experience that will have to overcome the challenges and pitfalls that tend colleagues.

the chef, the recipe of happiness

The young Jacky Bonnot dreams of success at a great restaurant, but their precarious economic situation forces him to accept jobs as a cook who can not even keep. One day he crosses paths Alexandre Lagarde, a famous chef, whose rich position is threatened by the owner of its restaurants financial group.

Safety rules the kitchen of a restaurant

In a typical restaurant kitchen, a lot of dirt, grease and food debris can accumulate in a single night. Combine that with the large number of members of the kitchen staff running around with knives, hot pans and dirty dishes, the average restaurant kitchen can quickly become several food safety problems and causes of personal injury. A simple safety rules for a restaurant kitchen can prevent most of these problems.

Food safety rules

All refrigerated spaces should maintain a temperature of 40 ° F (4.4 ° C) to prevent food spoilage.

Cross-contamination should be avoided by using different knives, cutting boards, etc., to prepare raw foods, cooked meats and raw vegetables.

Customers should be informed that the consumption of eggs, chicken, meat, raw or undercooked etc., can lead to foodborne illness.

All food contact surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected every night.

Fire prevention standards

Fire extinguishers should be located near stoves.

All employees should know the best ways to deal with different types of fires, including grease fires.

The pressure relief valves must be installed in pressure cookers and other cooking equipment high pressure or temperature heating systems.

Rags or dish towels should not be left near stoves or cooking hobs running.

The cooker hoods should be cleaned every night to prevent accumulation of flammable fat.

Never use a cooking appliance that is malfunctioning or has a frayed power cord.

Clothing and appropriate equipment

Long hair should be tied back and dangling jewelry should not be used by kitchen staff.

The kitchen staff must wear closed shoes with non-slip soles.

Long sleeve shirts are preferable to reduce the risk of burns on his forearms.

OSHA regulations

Workers under 18 may not operate heavy machinery such as trash compactors, cold meat slicers, etc.

Data sheets Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS for its acronym in English) must be present on site for all chemicals, cleaning products, etc., used in the restaurant.

Cleaning chemicals Always mix in well-ventilated areas.

All surfaces and equipment cleaned with chemicals, should be rinsed with water. More details can be read here, please visit Slag remover.

Cleaning kitchens of restaurants

Cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen of a restaurant is vital for the proper functioning of the establishment. First, it is a public health issue and a crucial image and restaurant quality factor. In addition, the cleaning kitchens in restaurants is critical to the safety of workers and customers.

The first point to note in the kitchen of a restaurant is prevention; if we want to prevent accidents best will always comply with the rules of occupational risk prevention in the field of hospitality and catering.

As for cleaning concrete, we think is a complex job, be sure to degrease and disinfect all surfaces and utensils , as well as being especially careful in those specific areas where food is handled. If we want the kitchen of our restaurant is in a perfect state we must perform a daily cleaning , having certain processes such as cleaning hoodsto be made periodically; therefore, the best option is to have the work of professionals specialized in cleaning kitchens .

Full service cleaning kitchens

A comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of kitchens must always consist of the following works:

Cleaning hygiene in kitchens

cleaning kitchens of restaurants

If you have any questions about cleaning the kitchen of your restaurant, you can contact ; we offer advice and free quotes at a very competitive price .